Assessment Meetings

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

The government and the courts believe that Mediation can help many more families resolve their differences in a constructive way

Coffees and a notepad

In 2014 the law changed to ensure that anyone considering court action in relation to family matters has to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

In addition to ascertaining whether you and your circumstances are suitable for Mediation (and where appropriate, applying for legal aid), attending a MIAM for a chat with a mediator can be an extremely useful exercise as it is always helpful to know what options you do and don’t have open to you and to understand a bit more what the courts can, can’t and possibly won’t do for you.

In some cases litigation is unavoidable and the courts will be best placed to resolve your situation but given the enormous expense and emotional impact of the litigation process, attending a MIAM will help you to evaluate your litigation options more carefully.


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