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Mediation allows you to exercise your own choice and to gain a sense of control over your future


Recent years have seen a quiet revolution in family law as more and more people have been signposted away from litigation to Mediation – a process more suited and more responsive to solving their problems. A process that promotes the best outcome for both parties by allowing them to retain control and make their own decisions as to what is best for them and their children.

There are significant advantages. Mediation is quicker and significantly more cost effective than court. It is also more successful. Studies show that over 70% of cases that go to Mediation reach settlement and a further percentage settle as a direct result of the process. It is also more sustainable. Agreements reached in Mediation are known to be more effective and longer lasting due to the agreement being made by the parties themselves rather than being forced on them by the court. The best people to make decisions about your family is you, not the courts.

Mediation allows you to exercise your own choice and to gain a sense of control over your future. It stops you having to deal with the unpredictable nature of a court outcome and takes away the notion of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’.

Mediation is available for married couples, cohabitees, same sex couples, step-parents, grandparents, on any or all of the following issues –

Child contact issues

Where there are children the family still exists after the relationship has ended.

Mediation can help with a wide range of issues – for example, never seeing your child (step-child, grandchild) or being ‘allowed’ only limited contact by your ex-partner (son/daughter-in-law), or wanting to make specific arrangements for a special occasion or altering the exisiting contact structure to accommodate a new phase in the child’s life (eg starting school etc).

Mediation is also suitable for a parent who is considering a geographical move here or abroad.

Financial issues

Litigation is often an impractical method of resolving financial disputes. It is not uncommon for legal fees to exceed the amount in dispute.

Mediation assists with disputes over property division, ownership of assets, mortgage liabilities, tenancy agreements, the costs of the divorce, third party beneficial interest claims, private school fees, inheritance (past and future), unequal contribution claims, pension division, business asset division, endowments.


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